Ruskinite Monks

Service automata


Ruskinite Monks are faceless, Black-robed automata that use a sophisticated punch card system to operate, and have no electronic components or Quantum taps to exploit. They are the assistants to the Ruskinite Psionicists that form the bulk of the Craftsmen for the Tabula Rasa.

Since they are without EMF signatures, Heat signatures, and sentience, they are undetectable by conventional means, and roam the ship looking for their former masters, all of whom have been put into cold sleep by Argus and his accomplices.

They are very protective of their workspaces, and their masters. If they become aware of their territory being invaded, they will fight to remove the interlopers from their space, and, if too much resistance is met, will knock them out with Flop rifles and remove them.

The movements and manner of the monks is much like that of a large, flightless bird, with much dodging and bobbing of the head and torso. They make no sound whatever, and are covered head to foot in long black robes that have no holes for eyes or mouth. Their hands are wrapped in fine cloth, and if ripped reveal that their underlying armature is made of a bronze-like metal.

If their masters are located and returned to them, they will obey their masters, who will most likely be very grateful to their saviors. Once the monks are more agreeable, they will gladly repair any pre tech items presented them, and indeed, will repair themselves and each other during combat.

Ruskinite Monks

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